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In The Cotton Club, Jersey Tap Fest 2015

"When Hillary-Marie enters, she maintains a physical proximity with Vincent which visually connects her to the bass and makes the exchange reciprocal in attention and focus. The shared labor of constructing sound simultaneously is apparent and allows Vincent’s prowess to be more than fodder for excellent accompaniment. Both are listening with intention, and so, with my eyes closed I can hear in the stillness and see in the silence their tuning in. There is a clear conversation. She offers, the other responds, she responds to what the other offered, but have built into her response an accumulation of their previous exchange. They are not in sequential monologues sent forth in staggered patterns, or overlapping like a Woody Allen script, they are in communion."

"Some performers travel with their own atmosphere, a rosy bubble that floats off the stage and envelops the crowd allowing grateful viewers to forget where they are. Tap dancer Hillary-Marie Michael and her accomplices do that."